2022 Tennessee Music Awards Country Artist & Entertainer of the Year


Out Now!!

Chalybeate, the sophomore release from A Band of Jones is out now. The album features 15 original songs. 

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A Band of Jones New Single


A Band of Jones

Based in West Tennessee, A Band of Jones mixes a traditional country sound with modern melodies and relatable lyrics to produce a unique sound all their own. Living the Dream, the debut EP from the guys, released in September 2020. The EP garnered local radio play, 75k+ video views, and upwards of 100k streams across all platforms collectively. Building off the success of Living the Dream, A Band of Jones announced plans for a full length album in January 2021 and after releasing 5 singles including "Does It Have a Radio", "Anyway", and "Katie" in 2021 and 2022, the guys released their second record titled "Chalybeate" on June 3rd. 

A Band of Jones was named 2022 Tennessee Music Awards Country Artist of the Year and Entertainer of the Year as well as picking up Song of the Year and Video of the Year for their breakout single, "Does It Have a Radio". 

In addition to their stellar catalog of originals, the band also plays a catalog of over 600 popular covers spanning multiple genres and eras including country, blues, and southern rock. Whether at a festival, club, private party, or family line dance, A Band of Jones puts on a show that keeps the dance floor full, the bar busy, and quickly turns strangers into fans!